This blog is going to document the process of a technical adult moving in with another technical adult (my boyfriend) and living together as grown ups. It will mostly be a running log of our consistent surprise at the rest of the world not quite meeting expectations.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The First Purchase

On the way home from our less than stellar First Apartment Visit, Matt and I stopped at a CVS. Passing through the Ugly Decorations aisle, I found these cute little tea light candle lamps hanging out on a shelf beneath ridiculous rag-doll Jack-O-Lantern shelf puppet...things.

They aren't exactly high-end, but I like them. They are officially the first purchase we've made for the new place. Right now they are nestled away safely, lying in wait.

Conveniently I chose Autumn colors, despite green and some other color being available.

Me: I like these colors. They are great for Fall, which will be here soon.
Matt: But you can use them all year 'round, right?
Me: ....
Matt: Or you can just buy other decorations that do match the season.
Me: :D
Matt: Ah.
Me: Of course, since these ARE Fall colors, this means I need to be able to put them up.... in the Fall.

I'm the queen of subtlety.

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