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Thursday, December 2, 2010

The Squeaky Wheel

In light of my recent "professional" experience, I called my school's career center to spread the warning, since that was how the fellow found me.

Me: Hi, my name is .. and I was recently hired by someone who found my resume on the career center website.
Her: Oh that's great! :D :D :D
Me: .. Aheheh. One second.
Her: ..
Me: It was one of the most awful experiences. Ever.

So I told her everything, because what do I have to lose? She told me she would be taking action and a few days later called me to inform me that not only did she restrict his access (meaning he can't prey on look for my school's student resumes anymore.


I used to be very shy when I was younger, and then as time went on I started moving in the opposite direction. When my mouth started getting me into trouble, I slid back, and now have found a happy medium. But I'm never afraid to stand up for myself. No one should be. People are right. The squeaky wheel gets the oil!

Edit 1/5/11: 

Today I did a search on my school's career center site and THIS company was the first result. I clicked and found that their profile page is running around their secondary name, which means that they either a) had a second account all along or b) created a new account after finding their primary one being banned.

Also, they accessed my resume on 12/14/10, which is more than two weeks after they didn't-but-did-fire me. I called my school once again to give them a heads up and complain all over again. I learned that apparently two of the women at the company had done a presentation for eco-friendly jobs at my college. I assume it is Blonde Girl and HR Bitch, as those are the only two females that have understandable accents.

Less than half an hour later they called to say the secondary company name is now blocked, and the career center director actually plans on visiting the company.

We'll see.

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