This blog is going to document the process of a technical adult moving in with another technical adult (my boyfriend) and living together as grown ups. It will mostly be a running log of our consistent surprise at the rest of the world not quite meeting expectations.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

A Ray of Hope

Sorry for not having updated in a while! I was struck with a wicked cold!

I'm very happy to report that things have been relatively straightened out on the apartment end! Not only did we get to see the apartment again, but we met the super! He is a real person, quite friendly, and his name is Ray. Also, he speaks English. Huge, huge plus!

I was surprised to find entirely new kitchen cabinets as well as a brand new stove with the tape still on the bottom! (I suppose it could be an old, cleaned stove, with fresh tape, but how shady would that be?) The bathroom is also entirely knew, with brand new tiles for the floor, a new sink, and a new cabinet (read: singular) beneath the sink. I have no idea where the other 90% of my bathroom stuff is going to go. Other storage options will need to be explored.

Matt and I have done a ton of shopping, and have basically found most of the essentials:

- couch, sofa, loveseat (read: IKEA SALE)
- dresser
- glasses, dishes, placemats, pot holders, washcloths, pots, pans, etc
- coffee maker, toaster oven, toaster
- area rug, ottoman (it's pretty, and blue)
- bathroom towels, hand towel, door hooks, towel hanger, bath mat, shower curtain

Some things we are in dire need of are:

- curtains (need measurements)
- silverware (not sure how we missed that)
- microwave (need food)

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