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Monday, November 30, 2009

Making the Cut

It's really easy to say: "Oh, I am the sort of person who gives/throws away things I don't need. I'm a minimalist. I never keep anything if I haven't used it in a year." Really, person? (Also me, in this scenario.) Well try packing ten years worth of crap. It's an epic battle of what makes the cut and what doesn't.

"I can't find the other sock that matches this."
"This half empty bottle of two year old hair gel may still be good."

It just goes on and on.

While the progress of my packing is minimal, the progress on the apartment itself has been spectacular. We've now got assembled sofas, a dresser, and a bookshelf. Not only is our 50" flat screen set up on its own stand, but we have internet, cable, and a phone line. We also have the number one thing that declares an apartment official :

A plant. In fact, this is the plant sitting in what is perhaps the darkest section of the apartment. After taking the pic I conferred with Matt:

"Wouldn't it look nice right here, Matt? Near the fridge?"
"Well, maybe on the windowsill... because... of sunlight.."
"Ohhhh, right."

Note to others: Don't buy me plants.

It was actually rather sweet, unpacking my old books and organizing a kitchen with Matt. We've played house before, but this is the first time either of us have actually lived outside of our respective homes. (The plants don't get watered at my house, either, FYI.) I can't possibly post every adorable conversation Matt and I have already had -- and will have, no doubt -- but he did share with me one of his 'household related dreams,' and I'm going to share it with you now. He shared with me a dream he has in relation to a household object(s) he's always wanted. He bought said object(s), recently, for himself. He special ordered the dream online, because this dream was so very important to him.

Oh goodie, I have a picture:

Matt: I have always dreamed of owning lobster claw oven mitts.
Me: Really? Like, seriously? As in, when you pictured having your own home, this was making the top of the list?
Matt: Yessssss.
Not that I can't be held responsible for silly decorating tactics...

That's Artie. He guards the couch.

Moving the bed in this week with any luck!

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  1. Toss what you forgot you owned. After you throw it away, you'll forget you owned it again. Or you'll sob for hours that you threw away something your grandmother gave you. For shame, throwing away your grandma's most treasured...thingy.