This blog is going to document the process of a technical adult moving in with another technical adult (my boyfriend) and living together as grown ups. It will mostly be a running log of our consistent surprise at the rest of the world not quite meeting expectations.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Potpourri? No thanks, stuffed rats, please.

I took Wednesday (AKA day before New Year's Eve) to clean, organize, and prep our living room for our New Year's gathering. It's coming together nicely. Any boxes that couldn't actually go anywhere because we're missing a shelf/dresser/reason to have what is inside the box were shoved into the bedroom. Which is why you are only seeing a picture of our living room. And Matt's knees.

  Artie attended, but refused to sit down. He kept saying he was about to "head out" because he had another "thing" to get to, but he never left, drank all the berry flavored Sierra Mist, and spilled brownie crumbs everywhere. Worst guest ever.

This is the tackiest, corniest X-Mas decoration we had out. It's mine. His name is Elkton John, and I love him. Next to him? Why..

 That's a replica of the Ecto-1 (or Ectomobile) from Ghostbusters. I haven't taken the tape off the doors. Also mine. We're adults here, I swear.

See? Adults. Hard to see in this shot, but the top shelf has two small glowing pinecone flameless "candles" and a rather art deco looking reindeer. Beneath that, a diffuser and a decorative plate (with a lonely candle), and beneath that is ... where I decided to put my handbag... moving along..

Drafty windows are prime real estate for beverages that need to be kept cold.


Stuffed rats decorate the uselessly spaced shelves of our DVD cases. I dislike plants, we can't do candles, and I'm not a fan of knickknacks. These were bought at IKEA the same day we got Artie. :)

Sorry for the lack of posting!


  1. You should get one of those foot rest things that are also storage bins. Same deal for a coffee table. Instant storage for tight spaces.

    1. Take your dvd's out of the wrappers. (and mail them to meeee...the dvd's not the wrappers. That would be weird.)
    2. Area rug. It'll keep the room warmer.
    3. Depending on how many people you'd like to come over and what windows you have, get the plastic window cover insulator stuff. Trust me, it'll warm the place up so much more and kills that freezing draft and your heating bill will plummet.
    4. More cowbell.
    5. If you have that blue deer from hell up there, you better have kept the little turtle of zomgsrsly adorableness.
    6. Bonus points for the Disney movies.
    7. Those little soft coastery things for under the big furniture to keep the floor from scratching. ::Stare:: So shiny....
    8. Little toothpick and index card phrase signs for your ratties that change when the mood hits you. You and Matt can mix it up for adorable, vomitcute coupleness

  2. The ottomans AND the coffee table are precisely that. The coffee table is actually a huge ottoman that BECOMES a coffee table.

    1. Hah!
    2. It's our current "shoe rug." For now.
    3. On it! Tomorrow's mission.
    4. HAH!
    5. He's...somewhere.
    6. All Matt.
    7. It's actually poly'd really badly. Like a gym floor.
    8. YES. YES. YES.

  3. Ahem:
    2. A biiiiiig one, though those are crazy expensive.
    6. ....does he have Little Mermaid? His collection is incomplete otherwise.
    7. .....Do you squeek when walking across it in sneakers?

    A. Your blog theme colors match your apt.
    B. Do I see Captain Mal's hotty hot pants in one of those video covers?

  4. Yes, yes you do. Again. Adults. Here.

  5. I LOVE it. I should take pictures like that I have similiar things!

    I am new to your blog and look forward to reading. Come on by and follow me if you would like. I am actually doing a giveaway! An InStyler!!! How exciting huh? Anyhow, it is nice to "meet" you new blogging friend!