This blog is going to document the process of a technical adult moving in with another technical adult (my boyfriend) and living together as grown ups. It will mostly be a running log of our consistent surprise at the rest of the world not quite meeting expectations.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Leaky Start

Due to unforeseen circumstances I haven't been able to take many pictures of the new place yet! Holiday shopping and Murphy's Law have been working against the two of us. The apartment is still cluttered and full of boxes. We need another dresser * due to an overwhelming amount of clothes, so our bedroom is just as bad. The most organized room in the apartment so far is actually our bathroom, but it's so small that it would be virtually impossible to actually take worthwhile pictures of it.

Matt and I have officially been "on our own" for almost two weeks now, and we have not yet had one domestic-related argument despite a few not-so-serious mishaps:

- It takes more than a few hours to defrost rock hard chopped meat, so I had to stop by Pathmark to buy more. D'oh.
- Onions don't go in the same drawer as FRUIT.
- Did I water the plant this week....? *Looks behind her..*
- I forgot to wash our new towels before using them, so, after showering, we need to brush lint off of us.

The list of "things to buy" is neverending, and, along side that list, the subsequent "things to do" list .. also neverending.

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