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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Halloween Decorations

 If people click back to earlier posts they might remember the day I bought these lamps. I took a picture then in my delirious joy of having decorative $3 lamps from CVS. We didn't have an apartment yet. Here was the original pic: 

Almost a year later, and they're nestled up next to my Ecto-1. 

I'm not sure if these are easily visible, but the top ice cube is in the shape of a pumpkin, and the lower one is the shape of a skull. These trays were $1 and they brought me joy. I washed them out before using them since they were, after all, from a $1 store. So hopefully they will just bring me joy, and not salmonella.

I was tempted to get this klassy piece, if only for my boyfriend's reaction, but I'm almost certain it would scare our dog. 

I bought these tall-skinny-metal-canister-face-things-with-candle-inside objects last year, too. They've been sitting in a closet until I brought them out. 

The only other decorations I have thus far are some very pathetic window cling things I got at the $1 store with the trays. They're tacky and reminiscent of grade school cat-lady teacher kitsch decor so I'm not going to bother with uploading them. 

I hope to visit a store that might carry better decorations. Ones that might cost so much as $4 within the week. Stay tuned!

Edit 10/11/10 : Happy Columbus Day! Here's what else I picked up today: 

And some additions made:

See? Pumpkins.

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